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March 12, 2015
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry

Find out just how your Naperville dentist is able to give you that smooth, clean smile every time.

Have you ever walked out of the dentist’s office noticing how smooth your teeth feel? Do you wonder how they are able to do it when they clean your teeth but you’re unable to achieve the same deep clean at home? A lot has to do with the tools your Naperville Dentistdentist uses, which is more effective that the toothbrush and floss you have at home. Find out more about the Prophy-Jet stain removal system that your Naperville dentist offers and how it can give your smile the real cleaning it needs.

What is Prophy-Jet?

Traditionally, dentists have used a little vibrating rubber cup and an abrasive toothpaste to clean your teeth. If you’ve ever noticed that gritty feeling after getting a teeth cleaning from your dentist then you’ve probably experienced this more traditional form of cleaning.

However, your Naperville dentist is now offering the Prophy-Jet, which uses high-pressure water to remove plaque buildup from your teeth. This blast of water mixed with baking soda helps scrub away external stains caused by consuming certain foods and drinks, as well as smoking cigarettes.

What are the benefits of Prophy-Jet?

First and foremost, it’s an effective way to remove dental plaque and stains from teeth without the high-pitched sound or the vibrations that traditional instruments give off. Plus, you don’t have to deal with the yucky, gritty aftertaste of the cleaning paste.

Is Prophy-Jet safe on dental work?

Yes. In fact, Prophy-Jet is recommended for use on dental work, as even dentures or bridges can form stains. The Prophy-Jet effectively removes these deposits from dental work and even mouthguards to keep your smile looking radiant.

As always, the best way to maintain a healthy, happy smile is to schedule routine dental cleanings every six months. If it’s time for your next visit, contact your Naperville dentist, Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi at Advance Family Dental Care and let him know that you’re interested in having your teeth cleaned with the Prophy-Jet stain removal system.


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