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January 09, 2017
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Are you interested in professional teeth whitening? Find out if it’s the right cosmetic treatment for you.

Do you love your smile but hate your stains? As we get older a dull, yellowing smile can be pretty common. Fortunately, our Naperville, IL cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, makes it easy to revive your smile and make it brilliant again in no time with professional teeth whitening. Over-the-counter whitening products have nothing on our powerful whitening system.

If you want to whiten your smile fast there is no better way to do that then to get professional teeth whitening. Sure, there are definitely other methods but they don’t offer the same high-quality bleaching gels that we can. Since our Naperville dentist is highly trained to whiten smiles we are able to get a whitening gel that has the strongest concentration of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide (the most common active ingredients) available.

So, are you wondering whether you are right for professional teeth whitening treatment? While most people with healthy smiles are great candidates for teeth whitening, there are some other factors that we will need to consider first before we determine whether this is the right cosmetic dentistry for you:

Your stains: If you have yellow stains these are the best stains for our whitening system to treat. External stains caused by aging, foods, drinks and smoking can achieve great results with whitening. Of course, not all stains will respond as well. Internal stains caused by excessive fluoride, certain medications or trauma will not be right for teeth whitening.

Tooth sensitivity: If you experience sensitivity on a regular basis it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a bad candidate for teeth whitening, but it will certainly be something that you will want to discuss with us beforehand. We can recommend certain products to use prior to your treatment to reduce your chances of sensitivity during and after treatment.

Habits: After you bring radiance back into your smile the last thing you want to do is ruin the results. Those who smoke, those with poor oral hygiene and those who have a diet rich in stain-producing foods and drinks may want to strongly consider changing these habits after their whitening treatment. This way you can enjoy your results for up to a year or more.

Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville, IL is dedicated to giving you the best smile you can possibly have. By choosing cosmetic dentistry you too can have a vibrant, beautiful smile that you can’t wait to show off.


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