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September 11, 2015
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Invest in dental implants to keep your smile looking beautiful for decades to come.

Convenience and realistic appearance make dental implants the obvious choice for restoring your smile, for both dentists like Dr. Piroozdental implants Zomorrodi and patients alike. Compared to other restorations, however, dental implants are still relatively new. Many patients that visit Advanced Family Dental Care in Naperville, Illinois, 60654 have questions about what sets dental implants apart, and Dr. Zomorrodi answers them here.

The denture routine

Removable dentures and partial dentures have been around for hundreds of years, and for the majority of that time, they were among the few options for people who needed one or more of their teeth replaced. Dentures have long since had a reputation for living up to their nickname of "false teeth" - many patients disliked how different they looked from natural teeth and found a comfortable fit hard to achieve. Still, when comparing costs between dentures and implants, many people wonder why there is a discrepancy in their costs.

While dentures and partials are usually cheaper, your Naperville dentist in ZIP code 60654 will tell you that you tend to get what you pay for. Dentures require a great deal of routine and commitment on the patient's part: frequent removal, cleaning, soaking, and repositioning. Dentures can also make eating more difficult and in some cases, certain foods have to be completely avoided. Handling dentures frequently also puts the porcelain teeth at a greater risk for breakage. Your Naperville dentist will also need to resize dentures as the jawbone that supports them loses its stability.

Why is an implant the better choice?

As Dr. Zomorrodi will tell you, the upfront cost of dental implants is generally higher than that of dentures. But when factoring in their convenience, durability and promotion of your oral health, they become invaluable. Once the post of the implant has been placed, your jawbone grows around it, which provides the support that was once bolstered by the roots of your teeth. The top of the implant, known as the crown, also gives the teeth on either side of it something to butt up against. You'll also be amazed at how well the implant replaces a natural tooth, giving you the freedom to eat, talk, and smile without hassle. Regular dental checkups at Advanced Family Dental Care, located at 1567 North Aurora Road, Suite 135, Naperville, IL 60654, and practicing good oral hygiene techniques keep your implants in good repair. 

With proper care, your dental implants last a lifetime. Start your journey to low-maintenance and high-quality restorations by calling your Naperville dentist today!


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