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January 23, 2020
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Wondering what the benefits are of getting dental implants?

Are you currently researching your options when it comes to how to replace missing teeth? If you said “yes” then chances are good that you’ve come across information about dental implants. Implants are a great option for many healthy adults who are missing anywhere from one tooth to an entire row of teeth. The implant replaces the roots of your teeth and provides a long-term option for adults who want to get full smiles back. Here are some of the benefits of getting dental implants from our Naperville, IL, dentist Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi.

Implants look and function like real teeth

One of the major reasons so many adults are turning to implants is because they are the closest you can get to real teeth. The implant is covered with a realistic-looking dental crown that is made to blend in with the rest of your smile. Furthermore, because the implant replaces the roots of the tooth and fuses together with the jawbone it actually behaves like a real tooth (and feels just as stable, too!).

Prevent bone loss

When a tooth falls out or needs to be extracted, the jawbone around the tooth begins to deteriorate. This is because the tooth roots provide the stimulation that the jawbone needs to produce new bone cells. By placing a dental implant into the jawbone this stimulates new bone growth and prevents bone deterioration.

Implants can last a long time

Since implants function just like natural teeth it should go without saying that they are built to last. The implant is made from durable titanium that fuses together with the jawbone. Once this osseointegration is complete the implant could last you the rest of your life. Of course, you will want to maintain good oral hygiene and keep your implant clean and healthy if you want it to last.

They are cost-effective in the long run

While implants are a bit more expensive upfront than other tooth replacement options they could actually be quite cost-effective. Once the implant is placed in the jawbone this part of the restoration should never need to be replaced. While the dental crown will need to be replaced every few years, with the proper care a crown could still last up to 10 years or longer. Other tooth replacement options will usually need to be replaced, adjusted, or realigned every few years, but not dental implants.

If you are dealing with tooth loss in Naperville, IL, it’s important that you have a dentist that you can turn to for the very best care. Call Advance Family Dental Care today at (630) 357-2332 to find out if dental implants are right for you.


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