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June 05, 2015
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When you visit your dentist at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville for a cleaning, you want to know that your teeth are very clean by the end of the appointment. After all, clean teeth are healthy teeth, and no one wants their visit to the dentist to be a waste of time.Ultrasonic Cleaning

Yet, while most people care a fair amount about having clean teeth, few people enjoy the actual teeth cleaning process itself. Feeling the hard, cold metal scaler scrape your teeth is usually less than enjoyable.

Thankfully, here at Advance Family Dental Care, Pirooz Zomorrodi, DDS offers a new dental cleaning procedure that is worth getting excited about ultrasonic cleanings.

What are Ultrasonic Cleanings?

Traditional teeth cleanings involve a dentist using a metal tool to manually scrape the tartar or calculus off of your teeth. With ultrasonic cleanings, however, the procedure is completely different. Your Naperville dentist uses an ultrasonic scaler that gives off ultrasonic vibrations to blast large deposits of calculus right off your teeth--no scraping required. The process also disrupts bacteria and flushes any food particles and germs right off your teeth as well.

Ultrasonic cleanings are generally done in conjunction with traditional cleanings though not always. Speak to your dentist if you strongly prefer one method over the other.

Are Ultrasonic Cleanings Painful?

Ultrasonic cleanings aren't painful at all! You won't feel the vibrations or hear the sound waves, but you will notice how much cleaner your teeth feel after your dentist has cleaned your teeth.

Is an Ultrasonic Cleaning Right for Me?

Ultrasonic cleanings are perfect for dental patients who want a thorough clean in less time. They are also a great fit for anyone who has a large amount of tartar, who has the beginning stages of a periodontal disease or who isn't fond of the traditional scraping tools. Ultrasonic cleanings may not be appropriate for individuals with pacemakers.

The next time you visit your dentist at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville, ask if an ultrasonic cleaning might be right for you. You'll love how fresh, clean and healthy your teeth will feel when Dr. Zomorrodi is done.


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