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September 29, 2016
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Are you worried that you might need a root canal? Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, your Naperville, IL dentist at Advance Family Dental Care, root canalsshares a few facts that will help put your mind at ease about this common dental procedure.

Root canals save teeth

Root canals are recommended when the pulp at the center of a tooth becomes inflamed or infected due to a tooth injury, a crack in your tooth, extensive decay or several dental procedures on the tooth. The pulp contains tissues, nerves, and blood vessels. Without treatment, you can potentially lose your tooth. During treatment, your dentist removes the pulp, ending your pain and preserving your tooth. Some people think that losing a tooth is a minor inconvenience, but tooth loss can change your appearance, affect your ability to chew and speak and may cause your jawbone to weaken over time.

Root canals and fillings have a lot in common

From your perspective, undergoing root canal therapy is a lot like getting a filling. Your dentist will make an opening in your tooth, just as he does during a filling, but will drill a little deeper to expose your pulp. After exposing the pulp, he'll remove it and use tiny files to clean and shape the root canals. He'll place a temporary filling in your tooth at the end of your appointment. You'll return to the office in about a week and receive a permanent filling. In most cases, you'll also need a crown to help strengthen your tooth.

Root canals don't have to be painful

Root canals are the subject of many jokes, which leads many people to assume that they must be very painful. Fortunately, the root canal procedure doesn't have to be uncomfortable or painful. Before your treatment begins, your dentist will inject pain medication in the gums near the tooth to ensure that you're comfortably numb during the procedure.

Root canals offer an effective way to reduce your pain and preserve your tooth. If you're concerned about a tooth, or if it's time for your next dental exam, call Dr. Zomorrodi, your Naperville, IL dentist at Advance Family Dental Care at (630) 357-2332.


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