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By Advance Family Dental Care
May 01, 2015
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DenturesIs it time to visit your dentist at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville to discuss tooth replacement options? If so, there's a new dental technology you should know about: AvaDent digital dentures. This exciting new dental technology eliminates many of the problems of traditional dentures and it is transforming the way people think about dentures.

Many people who visit their Naperville dentists for traditional dentures complain that their dentures don't fit correctly. They slip and slide around and even fall out. They cause sore spots or require messy pastes. Plus, they are difficult to clean and a hassle to put back in. They can even cause bad breath.

Thankfully, AvaDent digital dentures from Advance Family Dental Care solve all of those problems and more.

Better Fit: Because they use state-of-the-art digital production methods, AvaDent digital dentures provide an amazing fit the first time. Say goodbye to slipping, sliding and sore spots - these dentures will fit like a dream.

Fewer Dental Visits: Opt for traditional dentures and you may find yourself visiting your Naperville dentist as many as five times. With AvaDent digital dentures, however, you can get a quality set of new dentures in as little as two office visits. AvaDent digital dentures are faster, easier and more convenient.

Better Oral Hygiene: AvaDent digital dentures are made with bio-hygienic materials, which means that they are more sanitary and less likely to cause bad breath than traditional dentures.

Easy Replacement Options: Lose a pair of traditional dentures and you'll be back at your Naperville dentist's office to start the lengthy fitting procedure all over again. This can be quite a hassle. With AvaDent digital dentures, however, all the dentist has to do is simply click a few buttons to have a new pair made for you. Your old impressions are stored right on the computer.

Visiting a dentist at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville doesn't have to be unpleasant, and neither does wearing your new dentures afterwards. If you are ready to finally look and feel your best with a new set of beautiful dentures, call Advance Family Dental Care and ask about AvaDent digital dentures today.

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