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By Advance Family Dental Care
August 14, 2019
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Tooth issues don't have to be severe to affect your smile. A tiny chip on the bottom of a tooth or a discolored tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your appearance. Fortunately, your Naperville, IL, cosmetic dentist Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi at Advance Family Dental Care can help you improve the appearance of your smile with a variety of treatments.

Lightening dull or discolored teeth

Dissatisfaction with tooth color is a common complaint. Aging and years of consuming darkly colored foods and beverages can change the color of your teeth. Teeth whitening offers a safe, simple way to lighten teeth by three to eight shades. If you opt for in-office treatment, you'll only spend an hour at the dentist's office. Take-home kits, provided by your Naperville dentist, offer another effective whitening solution. Results usually last several years.

If you're looking for a longer-lasting teeth whitening option, you'll want to consider veneers. The thin porcelain shells are attached to the fronts of your teeth with dental cement. Veneers are available in a multitude of shades, are very stain resistant and last 15 to 20 years or longer. Veneers are also a good choice if you have a single discolored tooth.

Covering small flaws

Veneers are often used to conceal minor imperfections and flaws in teeth, but they're not the only choice if you have chips, cracks, uneven surfaces, or discolorations.

Bonding offers another option. During the treatment, your cosmetic dentist shapes soft composite resin and applies it to your teeth. After the resin is hardened with a curing light, it becomes as hard as tooth enamel. Composite resin is available in many tooth-colored shades.

Changing the shape or length of teeth

Teeth that are too short or oddly shaped affect the uniformity of your smile. Bonding, veneers and crowns are all excellent choices if you want to lengthen a short tooth or improve the shape of a tooth.

Crowns, hollow restorations that slip over teeth, completely transform teeth. Although bonding and veneers are effective if your teeth are slightly shorter, crowns are the best option if there is a larger discrepancy in the length of your teeth. They're also a good choice if you have a few crooked or twisted teeth or you have a tooth that isn't shaped like the others.

Are you ready to make over your smile? Call your Naperville, IL, cosmetic dentist Dr. Zomorrodi at Advance Family Dental Care, at (630) 357-2332 to make an appointment.

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