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By Advance Family Dental Care
January 26, 2015
Category: Invisalign
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Find out how this popular clear orthodontic treatment can straighten teeth.

InvisalignIf you’ve been thinking about how a straighter smile could improve your appearance, there has never been a better time than now. With the New Year in full swing it’s a great time to consider your orthodontic options. No matter how young or old you are, there is no age limit on when you can opt for braces, and with clear options like Invisalign in Naperville, you can easily conceal your braces to the public, while also getting the smile you have always wanted!

How can I get a straighter smile with Invisalign?

Invisalign consists of a series of customized clear plastic aligners that are made just to fit your smile. These aligners look very similar to the whitening trays you may see in your local drugstore; however, they can do so much more. When you wear these aligners they will slowly shift your teeth into the proper position, as determined by your Naperville dentist. Unlike with traditional metal braces, Invisalign doesn’t have any wires or brackets that need to be tightened in order to move teeth.

Every two weeks, you will put on a new set of aligners in your series to help your treatment progress. Your Naperville dentist determines how Invisalign moves your teeth before your Invisalign trays were fabricated to design an effective treatment plan for straightening your smile. This means that Invisalign controls both the force of shifting teeth and the timing of the force. Each phase in your treatment will move only certain teeth at a time as determined by your dentist.

How long will my Invisalign treatment in Naperville take?

You should wear your Invisalign retainers about 20 to 22 hours of the day to ensure that you are getting the most effective treatment. However, you should remove your aligners before eating and brushing and flossing. Everyone’s length of treatment will vary based on the severity of a patient’s case; however, most adults only wear their Invisalign for about one year. Teen patients’ length of treatments will fluctuate, so talk to your Naperville dentist to find out more.

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If you are interested in getting a straighter smile this year, then talk to your Naperville orthodontist about whether Invisalign would be an ideal option for you and your smile needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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By Advance Family Dental Care
January 26, 2015
Category: Implants

Are you ready to visit Advance Family Dental Care to have your chipped, broken or missing teeth replaced and to restore that beautiful smile once again? If so, dental implants might be just the right procedure for you! Dental implants are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, and they look and feel natural too. Learn more about getting dental implants in Napervile process.

Dental Implant1. Consultation

The first step towards achieving a beautiful, gap-free smile is visiting one of the friendly professionals at Advance Family Dental Care to ask about Naperville dental implants. The dentist will hear your concerns, explain the benefits and the risks, and answer any questions that you may have so that you can make an informed decision together.

2. Examination

Next, the dentist will examine your mouth to find out the current condition of your teeth and your jaw and to make sure that you are a good candidate for dental implants. The dentist will determine if your jaw is strong and thick enough to hold implants as well as whether or not you might need other dental procedures.

Dental Implants3. Sedation

Once the dentist has approved you for dental implants and you are ready to begin the procedure, the dentist will help you relax and get comfortable with sedation. Talk to your Advance Family Dental Care about your sedation options ahead of time if you have a strong preference for a particular technique.

3. Procedure with Temporary Teeth

Creating your new teeth takes time, so at your initial appointment you will likely receive the implants and a set of temporary teeth while your jaw heals. You will never have to go without teeth, but you likely won't have your permanent set right away.

4. Permanent Teeth Placement

Once your jaw has had time to heal, you will return to the office a second time to have your permanent teeth placed. If you would like to skip this step, ask your dentist about the possibility of having the procedure done in one sitting.

5. Routine Care and Maintenance

Once your dental implants and your permanent teeth have been placed, all that is left to do is to enjoy your beautiful new smile! Brush, floss and rinse your teeth just like you normally would, and be sure to visit Advance Family Dental Care regularly to make sure that your Naperville dental implants--and all the rest of your teeth--remain in good shape. Then, smile! You look great!

Are you a patient of Advance Family Dental Care? If so, we would love to hear about your experiences below!

By Family and Cosmetic Dentist
February 19, 2014
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Did you just find out you have dental decay? It’s not something you want to hear, but it needs to be taken care of before it escalates. To treat decay and restore your smile, your dentist will need to remove the decayed area, bacteria and debris. Once your tooth is clean, it needs to be filled. In the past, dentists typically used amalgam (silver-colored dental material) fillings to restore a tooth, but now there are cosmetic fillings you can get instead.
Match Filling to Tooth
Your Naperville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, offers cosmetic fillings at his dental practice, for good reason. Many patients don’t want their dental treatments to be visible to others. With cosmetic fillings, your Naperville cosmetic dentist can match the filling and tooth by using composite resins. Other advantages include the following:
  • Cosmetic fillings are relatively strong
  • They can be used on front and back teeth
  • Tooth-colored fillings can withstand moderate chewing pressure
  • It doesn’t corrode
  • If further decay occurs, dentist can easily detect it
While cosmetic fillings keep your teeth looking natural, you probably prefer to avoid decay and fillings. For this to be possible, you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Just make sure to follow all preventative measures at home.
  • Brush at least twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Eat healthy
  • Schedule regular dental appointments
For more information about cosmetic fillings or other cosmetic services, call your Naperville cosmetic dentist today. Or write a comment in the section below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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