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By Advance Family Dental Care
May 15, 2017
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Don’t let others know that you are wearing braces.invisalign

Most people assume that if they have to get braces the whole world will know. You may picture feeling embarrassed talking to others or smiling because you hate the idea of everyone around you seeing metal braces covering your teeth. Our Naperville, IL, dentist, Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, understands, which is why we offer teens and adults a unique orthodontic option known as Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is the only nearly invisible approach to getting a straighter smile. By using special computer technology to help design your aligners and map out your treatment plan, our Naperville, IL, general dentist can easily create an Invisalign plan that can tackle your dental issues to give you the smile that you want.

When you get Invisalign you will receive a series of aligners. Each aligner is custom-made just for you. As you wear your aligners over the course of two weeks at a time, teeth will gradually start to move around thanks to the pressure and force offered by these uniquely designed aligners. Each aligner will get you one step closer to the results you want.

What are the advantages of choosing this system over other orthodontic systems?

There are so many benefits to getting Invisalign. Since these aligners are clear, you won’t have to feel self-conscious throughout the course of your treatment. Even though it will take some time to get used to your aligners, the longer you wear them throughout the day (from 20-22 hours) the quicker you’ll become acclimated to it.

Besides being completely clear, aligners are also removable. This means that you don’t have to change what you love to eat or have to revamp your oral routine so that you can safely and effectively brush around precarious wires and brackets. You won’t have to worry about damaging metal components by eating something that’s too crunchy or by brushing too vigorously. Just pop out your aligners and it’ll make your day so much easier.

Who should consider getting Invisalign?

If you are an older teen or adult who wants to fix issues like gaps between teeth, crowding, crooked teeth and bad bites (e.g. underbites; overbites) then Invisalign may be the best way to do it. Invisalign can take on anything from minor tooth movement to more serious problems. Of course, Invisalign won’t be able to handle more complicated tooth movements or jaw realignments, so it’s best to talk to our Naperville, IL, Invisalign specialist about whether your issues can be addressed with Invisalign.

Want to learn more about Invisalign? Interested in getting Invisalign treatment in Naperville, IL? If so, then call Advance Family Dental Care and book a consultation with us. We would be happy to determine if this clear system is the best approach for straightening your smile.

By Advance Family Dental Care
July 28, 2016
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Metal mouth is a nickname of the past when you choose to get clear braces in Naperville.


Crooked, crowded or gapping smiles can affect your appearance and your self-esteem (not to mention, it can make cleaning teeth much harder). If you want to get a straighter smile, but think you are too old to sport metal braces, then you need to talk to our Naperville dentist Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi about Invisalign.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign uses a series of clear, custom-fitted trays (known as aligners) that fit over the top or bottom set of teeth to help move your teeth to correct common dental problems. This includes crooked teeth, gaps between teeth, crowding and a variety of different malocclusions like overbites and underbites.

How does it work?

Our Naperville dentist, Dr. Zomorrodi, designs each aligner in your treatment plan so that they move specific teeth a certain amount until your smile becomes straighter. Each aligner is worn for about 20-22 hours each day for two weeks, after which they are replaced with the next set in the series. Each new set will fit tighter to provide the right amount of controlled force to move your teeth.

What are the benefits?

When you get clear braces you know you’ll enjoy getting the same results you would with traditional braces without other people noticing your clear aligners. This means you can enjoy talking to those around you, or conducting a presentation for work, without feeling self-conscious about your treatment.

These clear, plastic custom-made aligners are also notoriously more comfortable than traditional braces. The metal can be irritating to gums and once the brackets are applied to your teeth they are permanently attached until the treatment is over. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, can be removed during mealtimes and while brushing and flossing. This not only makes it more comfortable but also more convenient.

Adults who opt for Invisalign will also enjoy a shorter treatment plan than with traditional braces. The average length of treatment for Invisalign is about one year for adults.

Contact Your Naperville, IL Dentist

Many older teens and adults looking to correct common dental malocclusions and problems can benefit from what Invisalign has to offer. To find out if you are a good candidate for treatment, schedule a consultation at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville, IL to see how Invisalign could help you.


Are your teeth dull, chipped, or even missing? Does this cause you to dislike your smile? If so, you could benefit from cosmetic dentistry. cosmetic dentistryThis umbrella term encompasses dental procedures which focus more on the aesthetics of your teeth than their functionality. Learn more about what cosmetic dentistry can do for you and your smile with help from your Naperville, IL dentist Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi at Advance Family Dental Care.

Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures in Naperville, IL

  • Professional Teeth Whitening: One of the fastest and easiest ways to improve your smile, professional teeth whitening can yield dramatic results in just an hour-long dental appointment. Chemical reactions between the whitening agents and your teeth’s stains break the bonds which hold the stains together, dissipating the stain and giving your teeth a whiter appearance.
  • Dental Veneers: Dental veneers use super-thin shells of porcelain to cover imperfections in the teeth. A dental laboratory creates each veneer based on a mold of your mouth, ensuring the most natural appearance possible. Veneers can help patients with teeth that are cracked, chipped, heavily stained or yellowed, and slightly misaligned, overcrowded, or gapped. Additionally, veneers have the same light-reflecting qualities as natural teeth and are stain-resistant.
  • Crowns/ Bridges: Dental crowns fit over the crown or top, of a tooth. Crowns restore and strengthen damaged, weakened, or worn teeth. Bridges replace a missing tooth by bridging the gap left behind, using the dental crowns on either side of the bridge to hold it in place.
  • Invisalign: If you have misaligned teeth or an issue with your bite, Invisalign may be for you. If you are put off by the idea of traditional metal braces, you are in luck as you can now straighten your teeth more discreetly than ever with Invisalign. This orthodontic treatment uses clear, plastic aligner trays to place pressure on the teeth in order to move them into their desired positions. Invisalign treatment is available at your Naperville, IL dentist’s office.
  • Dental Implants: Dental implants do more than just replace your missing teeth.
  • Tooth Contouring and Reshaping: Contouring and reshaping use subtle changes to the teeth to garner big results. If your teeth have small chips, are uneven, or have other small imperfections, contouring and reshaping can help. Your dentist removes tiny bits of enamel from the teeth to slightly alter their appearance.

For more information on cosmetic dentistry procedures and what they can do for you, please contact Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, DDS at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville, IL. Call (630) 357-2332 to schedule your cosmetic dentistry appointment today!

By Advance Family Dental Care
May 13, 2016
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Do you want to straighten your teeth but don't like the look of metal braces? The Invisalign brace system might just be the perfect option invisalignfor you. The system uses clear aligner trays, instead of wires and brackets, to move your teeth. Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, your Naperville dentist at Advance Family Dental Care, explains how Invisalign can help you improve your smile.

The Invisalign difference

When you choose Invisalign, your Naperville dentist will design a series of removable aligner trays that will gradually move your teeth into the proper alignment. You'll wear the trays for approximately 20 hours per day and take them out to eat. Every two weeks, you'll begin wearing a new set of trays.

Invisalign corrects many orthodontic issues

Invisalign is a good choice if you have mild to moderate orthodontic problems, including:

  • Gaps
  • Underbites
  • Overbites
  • Crossbites
  • Open bites
  • Crowding

Invisalign offers clear benefits

The Invisalign system offers unique benefits that you won't get when you wear traditional braces, such as:

  • The freedom to remove your braces when you want: Got a big day coming up? With traditional metal braces, you have no choice but to show up to a wedding, prom or other special event with a mouthful of metal. Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you can take them out while you attend an event for a few hours or play your favorite sport.
  • No food restrictions: Certain foods, such as chewing gum, popcorn, sticky candy and hard vegetables, are forbidden if you wear metal braces as these foods can break or get stuck in wires and brackets. When you wear Invisalign aligner trays, you can eat anything you want since you'll remove the trays to eat.
  • Improved self-confidence: Metal braces do a good job at straightening your teeth, but wearing them can make you feel self-conscious when you smile or laugh. Because Invisalign aligners are clear, they're practically invisible. When you wear your clear aligner trays, you can be assured that your braces aren't the first thing people notice about you.

Are you interested in learning more about Invisalign? Call Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, your Naperville dentist at Advance Family Dental Care, at (630) 357-2332 and find out if you're a good candidate for this innovative brace system. Transform your smile with Invisalign!

By Advance Family Dental Care
August 12, 2015
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InvisalignFind out how you can get a straighter smile without anyone even noticing.

Want to fix that crooked smile but don’t want colleagues or other students to notice your braces instead of you? You’re in luck because your Naperville dentist Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi can get you the smile you want without anyone even knowing that you’re wearing braces.

Tell me about Invisalign…

This series of orthodontic aligners are created from a clear moldable plastic that are custom-made to fit your upper and lower teeth. Each aligner is specially designed to move certain teeth a specified amount, as determined by your Naperville dentist Dr. Zomorrodi.

What makes Invisalign different?

The most obvious difference between Invisalign and traditional orthodontics is that both older teens and adults can straighten their teeth without anyone noticing. Whether you are a teenager who is self-conscious about wearing braces around classmates or you are an adult who is worried that they won’t be taken seriously by colleagues or clients, Invisalign can help.

Furthermore, these aligners are removable, so patients can enjoy eating the same foods they always do without it affecting their treatment. Just remove your Invisalign prior to eating or drinking and then rinse them out before putting them back in. With traditional braces, you have an extensive list of foods you can’t consume. Why say goodbye to bagels, pretzels and corn on the cob when you can get Invisalign instead?

Another problem that is often brought up by orthodontic patients to their Naperville dentist Dr. Zomorrodi is brushing and flossing while wearing braces. Those who wear traditional braces find it difficult to get around brackets and wires to clean between teeth effectively. Luckily, Invisalign aligners can also be removed so you can brush and floss as you had before braces. Your oral care regime doesn’t have to change one bit (but we still want to see that you are doing a great job taking care of your smile and keeping it cavity and gum disease-free).

Want to get a straighter smile without anyone noticing? Now you can with Invisalign. Find out if Invisalign is the right orthodontic treatment for you by seeing your Naperville dentist. Call Advance Family Dental Care today to schedule your consultation.

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