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April 13, 2020
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Developing a Good Oral Care Routine

Maintaining a good oral care routine is important for your dental health and your overall health. Dentist visits are a vital part of your oral hygiene routine because your dentist can clean your teeth, preventing a build-up of plaque. He can also spot any dental issues before they become serious problems. Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi is a Naperville dentist who can help you maintain a good oral care routine.

Good Oral Care

In addition to maintaining regular dental visits, you also need to brush and floss properly twice each day. Here are some tips on how to brush and floss properly.

Brushing Tips

  • Hold your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth and gums.
  • Use a gentle back and forth motion to clean your teeth.
  • Brush the inner and outer surfaces of your teeth as well as the biting surfaces.
  • Use an up and down motion to clean the inside surfaces of the front teeth.
  • Gently brush your tongue to remove bacteria.
  • Brush teeth twice each day.

Flossing Tips

  • Tear off around 16 inches of floss and wind it around the middle finger of each hand.
  • Holding the floss between your forefinger and thumb, guide it between your teeth.
  • Move the floss down to the gum line, curving it against the sides of each tooth.
  • Repeat this on each side of each tooth.

Extra Tips for the Best Oral Health

  • Use an antibacterial mouthwash to keep breath fresh and reduce plaque build-up.
  • Limit your daily intake of sweetened drinks.
  • Drink plenty of water after meals to wash away acids and sugar.
  • If you are drinking sweetened beverages, use a straw to reduce their contact with your teeth.

If you are a resident of Naperville, IL, call Dr. Zomorrodi today on 630-357-2332 to make dental appointments for you and your family.

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