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By Advance Family Dental Care
March 22, 2021
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Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi of Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville, IL, helps your whole family stay healthy with great oral care. If you're concerned about the shade of your smile in the 60563 zip code, here are some tips from your dentist on staying stain-free.

Everyone wants to present their best smile, but some of the things we enjoy can be bad for our teeth and lead to staining. Use of any tobacco products can lead to staining, and your dentist will recommend quitting to lower your risk of oral cancer. If you've quit smoking, think about treating yourself to a teeth whitening treatment in our Naperville, IL, office.

There are some drinks that can stain the teeth if consumed often, like:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Soda
  • Wine
  • Sports drinks
  • Dark berry juices

Some foods can also stain teeth, for example:

  • Beets
  • Berries
  • Hard candy
  • Tomato sauce or ketchup
  • Soy sauce

It's best to have these foods and drinks moderately and enjoy them with water to rinse your teeth.

Of course, regular brushing and flossing are essential to a great oral health routine. Your dentist will recommend brushing for two minutes twice a day and flossing at least once a day. This helps remove plaque to prevent tooth decay and staining of the teeth. Eating a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables can actually help clean your teeth while you eat.

If you want a brighter smile, consider a professional teeth whitening treatment. Many of our patients have tried drugstore products to whiten their teeth and these produce mixed results at best. These kits are actually easy to misuse and can damage your gums. At a teeth whitening appointment, your gums are protected and your teeth are monitored by a dental professional the entire time.

Advance Family Dental Care wants to help you present your best smile. Be careful what you eat and drink, and come see Dr. Zomorrodi for a teeth whitening treatment! Contact us for an appointment in Naperville, IL, at (630) 357-2332.

By Advance Family Dental Care
January 11, 2021
Category: Oral Health
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It’s amazing how a brighter smile can boost your confidence and your appearance. 

Regardless of whether you’re about to walk down the aisle, get your senior photos, or interview for the most important job of your career, you may be considering teeth whitening to spruce up your appearance before the important occasion. There are many reasons people are turning to our Naperville, IL, dentist Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi for teeth whitening. After all, Dr. Zomorrodi offers a fast, effective in-office whitening treatment that can give you results in less than one hour.

What are my whitening options?

Before turning to the pros, you may want to try an over-the-counter whitening product. While these products won’t offer fast or significant results, they can be ideal if you are simply looking to brighten a slightly dull smile; however, if you want to get your teeth multiple shades whiter while also removing stubborn surfaces stains, then you may want to turn to our Naperville, IL, general dentist for professional whitening treatment.

Dr. Zomorrodi and his team offer two ways to get the beautiful smile you want: in-office and at-home teeth whitening.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Need to get amazing results really fast? If time is of the essence, then nothing is going to be more effective or give you the results you want better than our chairside whitening. During chairside whitening, Dr. Zomorrodi will get to know your goals for treatment and create a custom whitening plan based on those needs. From there we will apply a powerful whitening gel to your teeth, where it will stay on your teeth for up to 10-15 minutes before being washed off. In some cases, patients may undergo 2-3 whitening gel applications during their treatment. Once the treatment is over you will see visible results.

At-Home Teeth Whitening

Maybe you want to get a whiter smile but you’re still on a pretty strict budget. No problem! The dental team at Advance Family Dental Care knows that you still deserve a beautiful smile even if in-office whitening is just a little outside your budget. This is why we also offer at-home whitening. This system is strong and more effective than any over-the-counter methods. Most patients see results from continued use after just one week. If the idea of whitening from home sounds appealing, know that you can still get a whitening system that is safe, doctor-approved, and effective.

What do you say? Are you ready to get a more radiant smile? Interested in turning to our Naperville, IL, cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening? If so, turn to the winning dental team at Advance Family Dental Care for all of your cosmetic needs. Call us today at (630) 358-9899. We’d be happy to schedule your consultation.

By Advance Family Dental Care
February 24, 2020
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
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Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi of Advance Family Dental Care provides patients with an array of services, one of which includes professional teeth whitening. Why? Simple. A great smile can leave a lasting impression! Dr. Zomorrodi and his staff know just that, which is why they remove stains off teeth at their Naperville, IL, dentist office.

More About Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening turn back time and eliminate stains, dullness, and discolored teeth. Your Naperville, IL, dentist's technique offers impressive results. Dr. Zomorrodi uses a tooth-whitening agent that consists of powerful bleaching material to rejuvenate your smile. The bleaching material penetrates the tooth's enamel (white protective layer of the tooth) and makes teeth brighter. The reason enamel stains over time are because it absorbs brightly colored foods and beverages. Brushing with toothpaste and using mouthwash helps remove many of those stains, but a professional tooth whitening treatment is more powerful.

How Teeth Whitening Improves Your Smile

Believe it or not, professional whitening saves time and money. You save time going to the local drugstore to find teeth-whitening products. Plus, it may take several times using this product to get a result. Your Naperville, IL, dentist can make your teeth 3-8 shades brighter in about an hour with a professional teeth whitening.

Maintaining a proper dental care regimen helps professional teeth whitening last longer. It's not just about brushing and flossing to avoid decay and discoloration. You also need to limit sodas, coffee, tea, cherries, and other bright-colored foods. Avoid chewing tobacco and smoking to also help keep teeth white.

Teeth whitening boosts your self-confidence and self-esteem. Eliminating those stains makes smiling easy, and a great smile leaves a positive and long-lasting impression during a date or interview.

Schedule an Appointment With Your Naperville, IL, Dentist

Interested in professional teeth whitening services? Call your Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville, IL, dentist, Dr. Pirooz Zomorrodi, at (630) 358-9899 to schedule an appointment today!

By Advance Family Dental Care
October 06, 2019
Category: Dental Procedures

To anyone immersed in the “X-Men Universe” Hugh Jackman will always be Wolverine, a role he played in seven movies. But there’s more to this Australian actor than mutant bone claws and mutton chops that would make Elvis envious. Jackman has also starred in over 20 non-superhero films, including Les Misérables, for which he won a Golden Globe. He is also a Tony award-winning Broadway performer—with a winning smile.

With his famed character Logan/Wolverine fading in the rearview mirror, Jackman has returned to his musical roots. He will play Harold Hill in the Broadway revival of The Music Man, set to open in Fall 2020. And since May 2019 he’s been on world tour with Hugh Jackman: The Man. The Music. The Show., featuring Jackman and a supporting cast performing songs from favorite shows and films, including Les Misérables and the 2017 hit The Greatest Showman.

The Show, with 90 planned stops throughout Europe, North America and Oceania, is a decidedly different “universe” from the X-Men. As Wolverine, Jackman could get away with a scruffier look. But performing as Jean Valjean or the bigger-than-life P.T. Barnum, he has to bring a vastly different look to the role, which brings us to Jackman’s teeth…

Once upon a time, Jackman’s teeth were an unflattering gray—definitely not a good look for stage or film. So with the help of his dentist, Jackman set about upgrading his smile with teeth whitening. Teeth whitening is a great way to take a dull, stained smile and turn up the volume on its brightness—and attractiveness—a notch or two. A dentist applies a bleaching solution that stays in contact with the teeth for a few minutes. The process is often aided by special lighting.

A professional application is especially desirable if, like Jackman, you want “Goldilocks” brightness: not too little, not too much, but just right for you. Dentists can precisely control the tint level to get a brighter but more naturally looking white. Of course, you can also get a dazzling “Hollywood” smile if you so desire.

And although the effect of teeth whitening isn’t permanent, a dental application can last a while, depending on how well you manage foods and beverages that stain teeth. With a touchup now and then, you may be able to keep your brighter smile for years before undergoing the full procedure again.

One important note, though: This technique only works with outer enamel staining. If the discoloration originates from within the tooth, the bleaching agent will have to be placed internally, requiring access to the inside of the tooth. An alternative would be porcelain veneers to mask the discoloration, an option that also works when there is ultra-heavy enamel staining.

If you’re tired of your dull smile, talk with us about putting some pizzazz back into it. Teeth whitening could be your way to get a smile worthy of Broadway.

If you would like more information about teeth whitening, please contact us or schedule a consultation. To learn more, read the Dear Doctor magazine articles “Teeth Whitening” and “Whitening Traumatized Teeth.”


Bright, naturally white teeth are a key component in a beautiful smile. But the opposite is also true: nothing diminishes an otherwise attractive smile more than stained or discolored teeth.

There is good news, however, about tooth staining: it can be greatly reduced with the right whitening technique. But before taking action we need to first uncover the cause for the staining — whether from the outside or inside of the tooth, or a combination of both.

If it’s an external cause — known as extrinsic staining — our diet is usually the source. Foods and beverages that contain tannins, like red wine, coffee or tea fall in this category, as do foods with pigments called carotenes as found in carrots and oranges. Besides limiting consumption of stain-causing foods and maintaining daily oral hygiene, you can also diminish extrinsic staining with a bleaching application.

There are two basic ways to approach this: with either a professional application at our office or with a home kit purchased at a pharmacy or retail store. Although both types use similar chemicals, the professional application is usually stronger and the whitening effect is obtained quicker and may last longer.

Discoloration can also occur within a tooth, known as intrinsic staining, and for various reasons. It can occur during tooth development, as with childhood overexposure to fluoride or from the antibiotic tetracycline. Poor development of enamel or dentin (the main sources of natural tooth color), tooth decay, root canal treatments or trauma are also common causes of intrinsic discoloration.

There are techniques to reduce the effects of intrinsic staining, such as placing a bleaching agent inside the tooth following a root canal treatment. In some cases, the best approach may be to restore the tooth with a crown or porcelain veneer. The latter choice is a thin layer of dental material that is permanently bonded to the outer, visible portion of the tooth: it’s life-like color and appearance covers the discoloration, effectively renewing the person’s smile.

If you’ve been embarrassed by stained teeth, visit us for a complete examination. We’ll recommend the right course of action to turn your dull smile into a bright, attractive one.

If you would like more information on treatments for teeth staining, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Teeth Whitening.”

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