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Veneers Whiten Teeth in a Snap

You're disappointed and embarrassed with how your smile looks. A root canal procedure darkened a front tooth, and the teeth around it look yellow. Whitening products just don't work for Read More

What Are Ultrasonic Cleanings?

When you visit your dentist at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville for a cleaning, you want to know that your teeth are very clean by the end of the Read More

What You Need to Know About Avadent Digital Dentures

Is it time to visit your dentist at Advance Family Dental Care in Naperville to discuss tooth replacement options? If so, there's a new dental technology you should know about: Read More

How Cosmetic Dentistry Can Change Your Smile For the Better

Find out more about cosmetic dentistry and how it could give you the smile you want.   While some people are lucky enough to have the perfect smile, many of us have Read More

Diagnodent Laser Diagnostic Scanning

While most cavities form in the surface of the tooth, they don't always. Thanks to the effects of fluoride, which hardens the tooth's enamel, cavities can actually begin to form Read More

About Prophy-Jet Stain Removal System

Find out just how your Naperville dentist is able to give you that smooth, clean smile every time. Have you ever walked out of the dentist’s office noticing how smooth your Read More

What are Dental Implants Made Of?

Find out more about dental implants and what it takes to get them in Naperville. By now you’ve probably heard a little bit about dental implants, the permanent solution for tooth Read More

How does Invisalign Work?

Find out how this popular clear orthodontic treatment can straighten teeth. If you’ve been thinking about how a straighter smile could improve your appearance, there has never been a better time Read More

The Process of Dental Implants

Are you ready to visit Advance Family Dental Care to have your chipped, broken or missing teeth replaced and to restore that beautiful smile once again? If so, dental implants Read More

Your Smile Should Be Your Number One Priority

A smile says a lot about us, and a healthy, beautiful smile can reap a host of wonderful benefits, from decreasing stress hormones to boosting confidence and productivity. We sometimes Read More

All-On-4®: The Perfect Solution for Missing Teeth

This revolutionary new dental implant procedure makes tooth replacement more convenient.   Tooth loss can happen to anyone. According to the American Dental Association, more than 20 million Americans are missing all Read More

What Cosmetic Option Would Best Improve Your Smile?

What Cosmetic Option Would Best Improve Your Smile? Are you wanting to improve your smile, but are confused about all of the options available? Advance Family Dental Care provides all of Read More

Determining Whether Dental Implants or Dental Bridges are Right for You

Do you find yourself nervous to smile in public because of your missing teeth? Maybe getting through a meal has become nothing short of excruciating? We know that has to Read More

Save Money With Invisalign in Naperville

It’s hard to smile when you have less crooked or crowded teeth. It’s even harder to wrap your mind around the thought of getting orthodontic treatment. Most people think of Read More

Cosmetic Fillings: A Perfect Match for Your Teeth

Did you just find out you have dental decay? It’s not something you want to hear, but it needs to be taken care of before it escalates. To treat decay Read More

Naperville Cosmetic Dentist: A Smile Makes a Big Difference

Have you ever noticed yourself yawning after seeing a friend or family member yawn? Recent research suggests that yawning may be contagious, and it also may be a sign of Read More

Viewing 225 - 240 out of 241 posts


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